Digital-Forensics_V6-1Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Forensics

This short guide will give you the base knowledge you need to have in order to get started with digital forensics.  The need for this investigatory method has never been greater, especially when one considers that 83% of all US households own a computer, and that nearly 92% of executives in the United States use smart phones for business.  These usage numbers correspond to a sharp spike in cybercrime, the losses of which has increased 9% in the United States year over year from 2013 to 2014.

The Possible Applications of Digital Forensics

Naturally, it is law enforcement that has the greatest need for digital forensics.  They use this tool and methods to investigate both cybercrimes and regular crimes.  Because of this, law enforcement has been at the forefront of developing new tools, technologies and methods for conducting more effective digital forensics investigations.

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