Security Consulting & Risk Management

shutterstock_4113958-300x200Prudential Associates offers clients what we call “total solution risk management,” which means risk management and all of its naturally constituent elements. The full list and links to our services appear to the right of this text section. We ask that you take note of our in-depth subject matter knowledge, our experience in all the critical facets of risk management and security consulting, and our significant global resources.

We believe that a company should not be operating in the risk management business at all if it is not providing clients with true expertise at every level and in every aspect of risk management program development and maintenance. Unfortunately, many firms that provide one element, whether they do it well or not, attempt to offer other elements in which they perform poorly. An exceptional risk management firm possesses a mastery of the complex and interconnected nature of risk management program elements and corporate risk mitigation policies. For example, a provider of executive protection services should not blindly produce volumes of “do’s and don’ts” for a client company and then claim to have delivered coherent, high–quality risk/threat planning. That is not delivering excellence and, sadly, it happens regularly.


The correct and “expert” method would be to ensure that all of the appropriate and relevant risk management program elements are delivered consistent with the company’s risk mitigation policies. Those correctly constructed policies, procedures, and related plans, along with the solutions based on them, must result in the company achieving a significant and measurable risk-reduced state.


The only way to assure this result is to select a vendor that has actual experience delivering and performing at an extremely high level of effectiveness in all of the requisite areas of service across the risk management spectrum.


Prudential Associates has that expertise and experience. We enjoy recognition for having delivered excellence to clients for more than 50 years.  Unlike others, we are willing and able to point to real examples of our experience. However, these are just a few of our extremely numerous operational examples, as most of our projects are confidential in keeping with our promise to all clients.


After reviewing our vast service offerings, feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to assisting you as you reach for a safer and more secure state of operations for your company or enterprise.