HPrudential Associates does not offer the cheap, inadequate background checks that have become the industry norm. The industry is filled with high-volume, inexpensive background checks and providers who are less than honest regarding how thorough the checks are. Customers are charmed with official-looking logos and bold claims about how many records the service provider has access to overall, while the concept of thoroughness relative to any specific individual check is cleverly dodged. The truth is that clients seeking $50 or $150 background checks are not getting anything of value at all.

Prudential Associates, on the other hand, offers real value and a quality investigative product. Our background checks are real; they are thorough, purposeful, and substantive. For example, we don’t just check the criminal court records in the one jurisdiction in which a subject or applicant currently resides; we attempt to acquire an address history and then run the checks in all relevant jurisdictions based on that history. We may also look into surrounding jurisdictions. Additionally, we don’t purchase background checks from third party providers whose data could be months or even years out of date; we access current data and go to the courts themselves whenever possible. Prudential Associates always recommends funding an in-person effort to physically pull any court records located pertaining to a subject or applicant and have our investigators review those files for accuracy and relevance.

9If complete accuracy and thoroughness are not important to you, then an unproven, inexpensive resource may suffice. However, note that on more than one occasion we have had to rescue clients who went the low-cost route, missing a criminal arrest in an applicant’s history, only to later suffer workplace violence or other type of incident. Similar scenarios happen all the time, exposing the victim’s employer to possible legal action. Also, the Fair Credit Reporting Act has major implications for companies running pre-employment background checks (and this does not just pertain to running an applicant’s credit report). Therefore, it is advisable to have your corporate counsel examine every aspect of your intended research to ensure full compliance.

Prudential Associates offers three levels of background checks with the cost starting at $500. For more information, contact us to request our Background Levels and Rates sheet.