You can’t play it too safe when it comes to safety, especially when large groups of people are expected to gather. Checking a venue for explosive devices, and keeping an event drug-free is an absolute necessity. Your security is our top priority.  Prudential Associates employs specially trained bomb and drug-sniffing canines to help you identify threats, criminal activity and illegal drug use. Our dogs are trained to detect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, or blood.

Prudential Associates provides the following canine services:

  • 1Search and Rescue dogs
  • Detection or explosive-sniffing dogs
  • Arson dogs
  • Cadaver dogs

Our canine teams can be used effectively at high-security events, private functions, homes, schools, offices, or any other location or event requiring drug or bomb detection. These canines can also be imprinted with a distinct scent to be used in open-field recovery operations to help find a missing person or a lost child. These dogs are not aggressive by nature and are social when in public, posing no risk of an unprovoked attack.

Prudential Associates provides canine teams for high security buildings and venues including:

  • Airports and aircraft
  • Cargo facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Seaports and ships
  • Stadiums and conference facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels

Prudential Associates can provide canine security for the following events, including:

  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Other Public gatherings