5Prudential Associates provides close protection services for business executives, celebrities, political figures, and high net worth/high profile individuals. We facilitate secure, expedited travel and provide overt/covert security anywhere in the world. Our Agents specialize in proactive security procedures designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize risks before they become problems. Prudentials close protection Agents have military and/or law enforcement experience and provide personal security services with discretion, professionalism, and sound judgement. Our Agents have military or law enforcement experience and provide these sensitive security services with discretion, professionalism, and sound judgment.

Prudential Associates proactive approach to personal protection focuses on threat assessment, advance planning, logistics, and emergency response.

Security Advisor/Consultant

Prudential Agents provide professional advice concerning a variety of security issues, such as proprietary and contract guard staffs, security management and procedures, and security systems implementation.

Comprehensive Security Programs

Prudential Agents conduct security evaluations covering residences, businesses, travel routes, and client activity patterns. Prudential offers security awareness training to enable clients and their families to become familiar with security procedures.

Special Event Coordination

Prudential Agents provide security and logistics support during special events, such as stockholders meetings, press conferences, product promotions, and concerts. Agents coordinate all aspects of security, including access control, placement of security officers, liaison with local law enforcement, preparation of emergency medical equipment, and exit contingency plans.

Command, Control, & Communication

Prudentials security team will establish an operational Command Post to monitor, coordinate, and control movements of the personal protection Agents.

Hostage Negotiation & Recovery

Prudential Agents provide crisis management support in the event of a kidnapping or extortion. Prudentials trained professionals advise on possible options, explain the likely sequence of events, and assist in bringing order to the decision-making process. We can prepare the kidnap/extortion contingency plan for your firm.

Family Security

When a high ranking State Department Official and his family traveled to Jamaica, he wanted to ensure both a secure environment and an enjoyable vacation.

In a coordinated effort with the Jamaican Constabulary force, Prudential Agents discreetly maintained a security “zone” around the family throughout their vacation. Included in their travels were extremely high crime areas in Kingston, which was experiencing significant turmoil due to constant clashes between the Peoples National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Every night, automatic weapons fire could be heard throughout the city. Despite the nearby threats, the family traveled through the mountains across the island and enjoyed their vacation in safety and security, essentially unaware of the unobtrusive, discreet protection efforts of Prudential Associates.