Octypus-013-1024x607The crew training programs consist of an initial three, four, or five-day course which integrates both the theoretical and practical aspects of security and safety to create an effective security management system aboard any vessel or in any environment. The training programs primarily focus on the identification of threats and the detection and deterrence of criminals.

Program Objectives

Selected crew and staff will be able to demonstrate and apply the necessary physical skills and knowledge of security awareness, emergency event preparedness, the understanding of set contingency plans, and standard procedures to enable them to effectively prevent or, if necessary, address a security situation should it occur and in manners consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

The objectives include ensuring that the crew has the skills to address situations regardless of whether or not the correct response is simply good interpersonal communication and mediation skills or immediate and decisive action.

Crew members are taught to maintain an alert status at all times whether at sea or ashore in order to maintain a high level of awareness of their surroundings and activities. Additionally, they are taught to quickly analyze threats and then deal appropriately with them in order to affect the safest outcome.

Prior to the course commencement, Prudential Associates staff members will familiarize themselves with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the vessel(s) or premises to ensure that all training enhances security measures that are already in place. A review of existing SOPs or current rules aboard/at location can be conducted and, if necessary, SOPs can be developed. We also offer a customized package for clients who require specialized training in such areas as weapons training, fire safety, and medical and first aid.


The crew training programs in Maritime, Aircrew, and Premises Security and Counter-Terrorism are practical and intensive hands-on experiences which prepare the entire crew/staff for breaches of security ranging from minor criminal issues up to and including piracy and terrorist threats. The principle on which the courses are based is one of security awareness through a combination of appropriate security checks and disciplined staff who are trained to be alert and observant of their environment.

We believe it is better to avoid or prevent a security situation from occurring, rather than having to deal with a threat face-to-face. A crew that is prepared for security breaches and incorporates a culture of security into their daily routine will provide the best defense. However, there may be occasions when crew may have to respond quickly, such as using force in order to prevent damage to a vessel or injury to any persons on board.


The Maritime, Aircrew, and Premises Security & Counter-Terrorism courses cover maritime, aviation, and international law, as well as the physical aspects of self defense and piracy interdiction. Specialized techniques to deal with armed or violent criminals are also covered on the advanced programs.

Prudential Associates offers three, four, and five-day courses. Each syllabus is custom developed based on individual client needs and preferences.