30Prudential Associates provides specially trained security personnel to protect people and property during potentially disruptive situations, including labor disputes, plant downsizing, workplace violence, civil disturbances, and natural disasters. Our security officers have military or law enforcement experience and are highly disciplined and professional. They are also trained to protect assets during special events, emergency situations, exhibits, conferences, and demonstrations.

Prudential Associates is dedicated to providing our clients with the peace of mind necessary to continue business operations in the event of a crisis or disruptive situation. Our professional security forces can assist in diffusing explosive situations and effectively prevent an act of sabotage or terrorism.


Prudential recruits former military and/or law enforcement personnel, especially those with special operations experience.


Prudentials screening process is highly selective to ensure that only the most qualified personnel are selected. The hiring procedure includes personal interviews and complete background investigations, including past employment, personal references, driving records, criminal record checks, and history of any drug or alcohol abuse.


Prudential security personnel receive comprehensive specialized training emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness. The curriculum requirements include a broad range of topics, such as: security procedures; legal issues; public relations; communications; report writing; fire prevention and safety; workplace violence; strikes and labor disputes; executive protection.

Rapid Deployment

Prudential is prepared to provide rapid deployment of security personnel throughout the world on short notice.

Supervision & Management

Prudential supervisors are selected from our highly qualified team of security professionals and possess the leadership experience and the ability to provide valuable crisis management and operational expertise.