Aircrew, Maritime & Premises Staff Training Programs offered by Prudential Associates include courses in High Threat Faculty Security Awareness, Counter-Terrorism, Fire Safety, Firearm Usage, Self-Defense, Survival, Executive Protection, Terror Tactics Recognition, and much more.

Management Security Awareness Training

Students will learn how to protect a company from security related legal exposure, recent shareholder reaction to high-profile security breaches, techniques to develop exceptional security policy, powerful management techniques to ensure security policy compliance, and much more.

Staff Security Awareness Training

Students will learn the most common threats to a companys network security, potential risks to a company from security incidents, ways to identify potential security threats, ways to protect a companys information security, and other topics as directed. Students will have the necessary tools and information to ensure that security awareness is incorporated into their daily work activities.

The Security Awareness Training includes the latest research, multimedia presentations, live demonstrations, and group activities. Each Security Awareness course is customized to reflect the policy and procedures of the client and is designed to create awareness, safety, and security consciousness for every employee. Courses utilize a proactive approach directed toward the protection of company employees, assets, and information. The following are some of the subjects included in the training:

  • Office security awareness
  • Personal safety and sexual assault
  • Information protection
  • Executive security awareness
  • Emergency planning
  • Bomb threats
  • Fire prevention
  • Substance abuse
  • Home security awareness
  • Armed robbery prevention

Law Enforcement

Prudential Associates provides a wide variety of advanced training modules for law enforcement personnel on behalf of local, state, and federal law enforcement and military agencies. Our instructors have extensive experience as both senior law enforcement and military officers, as well as experience in course development and program instruction.

The module topics included in our training programs include:


  • Questioning Techniques
  • Body Language
  • Miranda Rights
  • Duress and Intimidation

Arrest & Control

  • Control and Restraint Tactics
  • Self-Defensive Tactics
  • Personal Defense Readiness Instructor
  • Reasonable Use of Force Systems
  • Tactical Close Quarter Combat
  • Pepper Spray
  • Handcuffing
  • Edged Weapons Awareness & Spontaneous Response
  • Expandable Baton
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Use of Force

Management & Supervision

  • First Line Supervision
  • Budget Planning for Law Enforcement Executives
  • Leadership and Quality Policing
  • Direct Supervision in Jails
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Advanced Supervision Skills
  • Property and Evidence Room Management
  • Dispute Resolution for Law Enforcement Executives
  • Progressive Management Skills
  • Critical Incident Management for Supervisors
  • Police Supervision


  • Advanced Elements of Handgun Skills
  • Essential Elements of Handgun Skills
  • Integrated Pistolcraft and Close Quarter Combat


  • Basic Audio-Video Surveillance Operations
  • Wire, Oral, and Electronic Intercepts (Wiretaps)
  • Electronic Surveillance Methods for Law Enforcement Investigators
  • Advanced Stakeout and Surveillance
  • Surveillance Equipment Engineering

Training for Trainers

  • Low Light Survival Shooting Instructor Course
  • Officer Survival Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Field Training Officer

SWAT & Tactics

  • Tactical Skills for Officer Survival
  • Low Light Survival Shooting Instructor Course
  • Raid Planning
  • Basic Tactical and High Risk Operations
  • Tactical Skills for Officer Survival
  • Covert Building Entry
  • Executive and Dignitary Protection
  • Progressive Tactical Operations
  • Sniper


  • Fire Fatality
  • Domestic Related Homicides
  • Adult Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Officer Involved Shooting
  • Interviewing and Interrogation
  • Arson Case Management
  • Rape and Sex Crimes
  • Homicide Investigation
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Property Crime Investigations
  • Burglary and Robbery Investigations

 Special Warfare Operations

Prudential Associates offers a wide range of Terrorism, Intelligence, and Survivability Programs. Please contact us for additional information on scheduling, course duration, costs, security clearance requirements, and class sizes. This program is available to United States and select foreign government clients only.

  • Basic Terrorism and Terrorist Operations Studies
  • Global Terrorist Organizations:
    • Leadership, Structure, and Training
  • Global Terrorist Organizations:
    • Tactics, Techniques, and Methodology
  • World Guerrilla Groups and Militias:
    • Tactics, Techniques, and Operations
  • Al Qaeda:
    • Organization, Operations, and Tactics
  • Global Islamic Extremist Terrorism:
    • Operational Intelligence Workshop
  • Suicide and Martyrdom Bombers:
    • Human-Guided Weapon Tactics, Techniques, Methodology, and Equipment
  • Terrorist Hostage Barricade:
    • Historical Study of Armed Political Confrontation
  • Aviation Attack:
    • Historical Study of Terrorist Anti-Aviation Tactics
  • Maritime Attack:
    • Historical Study of Terrorist Maritime Hijacking, Ship Attacks, and Port Destruction Tactics
  • Terrorist Weapons:
    • Historical Usage of Political Violence Tools
  • Counter-Terrorism Tactical Workshops for Security Forces
  • Advanced Terrorism, Abduction, and Hostage Survival Workshop
  • Clandestine Operator Terrorist, Abduction, and Hostage Survival Workshop
  • Terrorist Hostage Survival
  • Congressional and Dignitary Travel Security Workshop
  • Resisting Hostile Interrogation and Media Exploitation
  • Skyjacking:
    • Survival Tactics in the Aviation Hostage Barricade
  • Combat Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
  • Terrorism Intelligence Analysis for Law Enforcement
  • Intelligence in Combating Terrorism
  • Terrorist Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Identifying Terrorist and Abduction Surveillance