shutterstock_1051468311Prudential  Associates has substantial past performance and current contracted projects in film and television production risk management. We are unlike all other risk management firms in that our project managers and subject matter experts are sought out for their depth of experience in this very specific area of expertise. Remember, there is a difference between having some experience in a particular field and possessing true expertise and authority in that field. Our staff offers both to our clients. The critical understanding of challenges faced by film and television production companies in the countless environments in which they operate are what sets our company apart from the rest. Our intimate familiarity with the varied elements specific to production and our industry-specific risk mitigation acumen are why we receive the volume of projects that we do in this highly specialized realm.

Prudential Associates offers an extensive list of risk management products and services that cater specifically to the film and television industry.  These include:

Pre-production Planning

  • Location scouting and selection
  • Activity scouting and location preparation

IMG_8208Production Risk Assessments

  • Basic information  and generic risk identification
  • Basic risk mitigation strategy recommendations
  • Comprehensive risk assessments, including full and detailed risk mitigation plans

Production Safety and Security Plans

Production Medical Plans and Emergency Evacuation Plans

On-Location Risk Management Consultants

  • Oversight of all production-related risk management
  • Instant assessment, advice, and authorization throughout dynamic production activities

On-location Security Services for Location, Talent, Cast, Crew, and Equipment

1.58.27-PM-5-8-20131Transportation or Other Logistical Support as Required

Just a few of the many areas and topics considered during our
production risk management team’s assessments and on-location services are:


  • Legal liabilities and responsibilities
  • Competency standards
  • Performance criteria
  • Certificates of competency, permits, and required licenses

OSHA Compliance and General Safety

  • Personal protective equipment and first aid facilities
  • Hazard identification and management
  • Working in darkness or diminished lighting conditions
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Working below ground, including excavations and trenches
  • Falling objects
  • Operating at heights, rigging operations
  • Use of safety equipment, chains, and sandbags, etc.
  • Use and labeling of hazardous substances
  • Use of compressed gases
  • Welding cutting and brazing
  • Heavy vehicle risk management
  • Stunts, special effects, and hazardous sequences
  • Reporting of accidents

Electrical Safety

  • Electricity and filming near water
  • Electrical safety in conjunction with rain and snow effects
  • Electrical safety in conjunction with filming in adverse weather conditions

Diving and Underwater Operations

  • Filming on boats and on, near, or under water
  • Diver qualifications and experience
  • Supplying of dive supervisors and/or safety divers
  • Alternative air sources
  • Diving in confined spaces – cave, shipwreck, under ice
  • Operation of recompression chambers

Fire safety

  • Fire risks and preventive measures
  • Emergency access and egress
  • On-location fire department attendance
  • SFX and theatrical fogs and smokes

Weapons and Explosive safety

  • Supplying of range safety officers (RSO)
  • Explosives and pyrotechnics use and safety
  • Firearms and weapons use and safety


  • Medical plan preparation
  • Emergency medical evacuation plans and arrangements
  • Supplying of on-location EMT and paramedic support
  • Emergency response plans
  • Safety medical questionnaires

Location Security

  • Audience and general public management
  • Traffic management
  • Filming on roadways
  • Accreditation

Aerial Operations

  • Aircraft and helicopter safety
  • Abseiling or rapid deployment form aircraft
  • Heavy lifting
  • Use of remote controlled/UAV, pilotless aircraft
  • Compliance with airworthiness certificates, pilot licenses
  • Aerial filming safety