Today’s world requires that companies manage their Internet presence as seriously as they manage their bottom line. The world of cyberspace is no less dangerous than the world of brick and mortar. Threats to your business, your employees and reputation, often emerge online.

Achieving and protecting success in this virtual world demands that a prudent company monitor, assess, and prepare to address these challenges.

With Webscour®, your company achieves the closest thing to true web “surveillance” as is possible within a reasonable cost framework.

The Webscour® service helps you find and analyze the information you need to protect your business, its people, and its reputation. We get the right information to the right people, at the right time.

Using the best of sophisticated online software tools, and human analysis, Webscour® cuts through the noise and delivers clear, context-specific intelligence on which business leaders can rely.

Most organizations need help in one or both of two primary areas:

1. Threat Identification

Threats against your business, its people, infrastructure, and interests are often foreshadowed by online activity, comments, blogs, and posts on social media. Such activity often serves as a precursor to violence by deranged, disgruntled, or agenda-driven people (customers, employees, competitors, activists, etc.). By monitoring activity related to your business, it is possible to identify, surveil, and mitigate threatening incidents.

2. Reputation Protection

Web activity that may negatively impact your reputation is even more common than acute violence. In a world where online comments and reviews are everywhere, a few derogatory or inflammatory comments can damage a positive brand image that takes years to develop.

The first step in addressing adverse material is to locate and assess its impact. Once analyzed, strategies can be crafted to ensure balanced treatment of your valuable reputation.

Webscour® Overview

Anyone who has ever used a search engine knows that computers are great at searching billions of bits of data quickly, but not always great at distilling it down to what is important and what is not.

Humans, on the other hand, are very good at analyzing the context of information to determine its relevance.

To harness the combined strengths of computer and human assets, our staff works with you to identify areas of concern for your organization, and generate a list of related keyword terms.  Using that list, we create a custom filter called a monitor package that continuously scans the Internet looking for occurrences of these keywords in conjunction with your organization, brand, or people.

Event Detection

When our Webscour® algorithms detect a connection between a keyword and some aspect of your organization, it is identified as a suspect event. For example, the occurrence of the words ‘bomb’, ‘kill’, ‘stab’, ‘punish’, etc., in conjunction with a reference to your corporate address or your CEOs name.

These “trip wires”, give our analysts, and you through our efforts, an almost limitless virtual radar for threats and actions counter to your company’s interests.

When a suspect event is detected, the information is immediately routed to one of our teams of human analysts who investigate the substance and context of the event. Because context is very hard for computers, it is vital that a human review these events. At , we use analysts with experience in law-enforcement, intelligence, and corporate security. That allows us to quickly and accurately determine if there is a threat event, assess its threat potential, and advise courses of action.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

The Webscour® analysis is made available to you as soon as possible. Because the world is always changing, refining and revising the search criteria requires that we work with you on an ongoing basis, to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your resources.

With Webscour®, organizations large and small, public and private, can have access to the same level of intelligence collection and threat analysis that previously was available only to governments. Using methods honed from intelligence-community best practices from around the world, we make performing security due-dilligence easier than you ever thought possible.