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Prudential Associates

Digital Forensics

Recognized experts ready to support all facets of retrieving and/or uncovering data from an expansive list of digital mediums.

  • Mobile device and compromised device forensics
  • Cloud forensics expertise for the most complex cases
  • Proper e-Discovery and computer forensics
Prudential Associates Services


A comprehensive solution provider enabling your company or clients to plan and prepare for the latest digital threats.

  • Assessments, investigations, and strategic consulting
  • Response plan and support after an attack
  • Insurance claims consultation

Cyber-Extortion & Ransomware Response

If your network or systems are maliciously accessed, Prudential is a national leader in helping companies react and respond.

  • Assess biggest risk factors for your company
  • Recovery and response tactics for data recovery
  • Extortion negotiations when necessary
Prudential Associates - Investigative Services

Investigative Services

Broad investigative experience, both in physical and digital environments, to serve specific needs from clients.

  • Covering everything from surveillance to security assessments
  • Cyber investigations, including social media and digital sites
  • Asset determinations and locate investigations
Prudential Associates

Expert Witness Services

A team of qualified experts ready to testify as expert witnesses on a broad array of topics.

  • Testified at hundreds of previous court cases, collectively.
  • Experience testifying in state and federal courts
Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Helping individuals and companies retrieve lost or stolen data amidst the most challenging situations.

  • Expertise and specialized software
  • Advanced techniques to establish evidence chain of command
  • Working relationships with law enforcement & legal officials around the country

Governance & Compliance

Deep experience to establish risk management frameworks and develop security policies and response plans.

  • Assessments based on multiple NIST frameworks
  • Experience implementing disaster recovery plans
  • Capable of training workforces on cybersecurity awareness and best practices
Technology Implementations

Technology Implementation

Security solutions designed to keep your systems and data safeguarded and operational.

  • SIEM Deployment
  • Firewall management
  • Enterprise Threat Detection & Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Prudential Associates Training


Dozens of years of broad, collective experience ready to train you and/or your employees everything from cybersecurity to digital forensics.

  • End user training to equip your associates with the latest best practices
  • Lunch and learns available to engage with your associates while teaching
  • Digital forensics training for litigators
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