Prudential Associates provides software and data recovery solutions for clients throughout the U.S. and has the software and skills to customize a solution for you or your clients needs.

In most crimes involving data theft, the first thing suspects do is to destroy all records and/or evidence of the crime (including examples where this is done remotely).

Our team of disk data recovery specialists can retrieve lost information, whether by physical damage from an accident or malicious action, by repairing the hardware with replacement parts. If repairs cannot be made, special software can be used to create an image of the physical disk, providing a resource that can be used to reconstruct the missing data.

This also applies to data recovery from logical damage, which consists of files that have been erased from a device or lost due to a corrupted file system. Our experts use specialized software to retrieve a portion, if not all, of the data that has been lost.

Prudential Associates utilizes proper legal techniques to collect electronic data and mine forensic evidence. For more information, contact Prudential Associates Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics in Rockville, MD.

Data Recovery