Facility/Safety Systems

Engineering & Design

Prudential Associates offers integrated physical and electronic security systems. These comprehensive, effective, and cost-efficient security solutions/systems may be custom designed to be comprised of various components, including CCTV cameras, emergency plans, access control systems, etc. With our proven expertise in configuration management and design control, we ensure that the systems we provide fulfill your company’s needs and are always state-of-the-art, from the initial design and installation phase to maintenance and upgrades. For our clients’ convenience, we offer full program/project documentation packages, detailing every step of the process.

Systems Integration, Installation & Sustainment

For optimal protection of people, physical property, and assets in an age of increased threat and regulation, Prudential Associates ensures that all plans are designed for smooth integration into your current system and/or are founded on updating existing measures. Among other services we can offer as part of our integrative designs, we boast a proven engineering review and verification system, including CCTV cameras and emergency alarm systems, which Prudential Associates can install and sustain to secure your employees, property, and assets. To guarantee the quality of the products and services we offer, Prudential Associates provides audited and certified quality assurance and quality control programs. These QA/QC programs aim to ensure that we meet your expectations at every step of the way.

Planning & Assessment

Prudential Associates offers a comprehensive set of services to ensure the physical security of your employees and facilities. We draw on decades-long experience in carrying out physical risk assessments for a wide range of potential hazards, such as fires, floods, intrusions, etc. The physical risk assessment, as well as site surveys, can be tailored to your needs, ensuring the service we deliver is guided by your vision.  Prudential Associates can develop a comprehensive physical security plan that fits in seamlessly with measures already in place, or update an existing plan to meet the current demands based on professionally assessed risk and the concerns and priorities determined by you, our client.