Training By Police

Training Provided by Sworn, Currently Active Law Enforcement Professionals

Prudential Associates Trainers are sworn/active duty police officers and specialists in the disciplines taught. They teach at universities, law enforcement academies, and in our contracted training settings for corporate and government clients, with class sizes of approximately 20-30 students. Contact us to discuss your training requirements. Custom course creation is available depending on specific needs and other relevant factors.

Specialized Investigative Training: Digital Investigations for the Modern Case Agent (Enhancing Criminal Investigations with Electronic Evidence)

In today’s environment, being an effective criminal investigator requires that you be proficient at leveraging various types of digital evidence to successfully move your case forward. This includes the use of open source intelligence and social media information, digital forensic evidence, data stored on various types of e-mail servers/cloud-based platforms, and cellular evidence from phone companies, as well as that stored on mobile devices. To be effective, you must know what digital information is out there, how to identify it, how to obtain it, and, perhaps most importantly, how to use it.

This course is a comprehensive study of all things digital that are used to enhance criminal investigations. At the conclusion of this course, you will have a strong understanding of what digital evidence you should seek in a particular investigation, how to obtain that digital evidence, and how to utilize various types of digital evidence to enhance criminal investigations. This course is taught by leading experts in the field of digital forensics, cyber investigations, electronic surveillance, and open source intelligence.

Click here for the topics covered during this 40-hour (5 day) course.

Click here for topics covered during the shorter 25-hour (3 day) course


Active Shooter Response Training – (running, hiding, fighting, and current best practices)

  • Companies have a mandate and an obligation to prepare their staff.
  • Training constitutes an integral part of emergency facility plans, as well as of the overall risk assessment.
  • Credible trainers discuss relevant topics, including what to expect and how to react; this information is delivered in an accessible and useful way.
  • Prudential Associates’ trainers are able to certify individuals and conduct remote training.


Practical First Aid & CPR

  • Participants will be trained on how to properly use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), conduct CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and provide basic First Aid.


 Firearms Safety Training

  • Maryland Handgun Qualification License
  • Prudential Associates provides general awareness training for potential firearm owners. For those who have never owned a gun, this training will cover everything you need to know regarding being properly licensed, purchasing a firearm, safety requirements, etc.