Social Media Monitoring & Investigations

Prudential Associates offers an extremely wide spectrum of services pertaining to digital surveillance and cyber intelligence acquisition for the purposes of brand protection, executive protection, risk mitigatiovn, and much more. These services include, though are not limited to: social media investigations and surveillance, including real-time threat detection and sentiment analysis; cyber security and risk management; and network penetration testing. Our investigators and analysts are professionally trained and utilize the latest and most advanced software available, thus ensuring our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Our unique ability to monitor cyber threats in real time allows us to offer round-the-clock digital surveillance and risk monitoring services with push notifications. Additionally, we offer geo-fenced social media monitoring, which allows us to identify and report on threats in real-time; whether you’re interested in live threat monitoring for small gatherings or for large events with thousands in attendance, Prudential Associates has the utilities, manpower, experience, and expertise necessary to ensure our clients 100% satisfaction.

By taking advantage of Prudential Associates’ vast network of resources and intelligence analysts’ expertise, you can:

  • Achieve real-time surveillance of over 500 social media platforms and popular blogs, as well as deep web content. You can choose to conduct surveillance over all platforms, or concentrate on specific platforms of interest.
  • Set what amounts to electronic “trip wires” in order to collect targeted data; these trip wires may include anything you deem important, such as key words, phrases, names, places, expressions, etc.
  • Achieve instant awareness of social media posting activity within a custom designated geography or hand drawn zone on a map, regardless of the area or population density. This is an especially effective tool for monitoring large events and important places.
  • Rack and automatically receive real-time alerts of identified risks or threats across all monitored social networks. Alerts can be customized with respect to their triggers as well as their delivery.

Through Prudential Associates, you can effectively watch, navigate, document, and mitigate risks and threats at a level you have never been able to before!

The following are just a few examples of Prudential Associates’ digital investigations solutions:

  • During special events security can be exponentially enhanced by the addition of social media monitoring. Analysts can set digital perimeters around events and investigate all social media chatter originating from within. Additionally, investigators can create a custom configured rule based alert system with which to monitor all social media posts relating to the event and its guests; all threats can be forwarded to on ground security personnel.
  • Positively identified or unidentified persons of interest can be “tracked” across platforms and (sometimes) geographically, so as to alert clients of their proximity to client company facilities, staff, events, or other interests.
  • As the vast majority of Americans use social media, enhanced due diligence and other investigative campaigns can be substantially more productive and revealing when social media activity is collected and thoroughly investigated.
  • Threats to top-level executives and VIPs can be identified by monitoring all relevant social media chatter in real-time; alerts can be forwarded to the necessary security personnel as soon as a threat is identified.