Standard Background Checks vs. Prudential Associates Background Checks: What’s the Difference?

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May 2, 2016
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Standard Background Checks vs. Prudential Associates Background Checks: What’s the Difference?

background-checksSome information pulled up in a background check may even disqualify a candidate for a job position. This is often the case for candidates with a felony charge, as they are barred from holding many occupations. Employers will often ask you to disclose any prior convictions and charges. Screening allows them to verify this information and look for any undisclosed records.

While employers may use background checks to determine the eligibility of a candidate, they cannot be used for any discriminatory purposes. Discrimination can extend to making a decision regarding a candidate’s qualifications based on age, race, sex, disability, genetic information, color, or national origin, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity’s official website.

Checks made by different organizations may pull up different information. People often request these records from government or private agencies. They also range in price.

Unfortunately, a lot of standard background check services fail to deliver. As you might imagine, these organizations are often performing multiple checks a day at a low fee and do not have the time to invest in accuracy.

These providers of high volume background may not be honest about the accuracy and thoroughness of their work. The final result is of little value. When you’re considering the character of a potential employee or another person of authority, you can’t afford the risk of missing criminal, financial and commercial records.

It isn’t uncommon for people to first try a low-cost background check and wind up with disastrous results. How would your organization deal with missing a criminal record in a candidate’s history? Would you be prepared for possible violence in the workplace and legal action? It isn’t a far-fetched possibility.

So, how do you avoid the negative repercussions of a standard, run-of-the-mill background check? Invest in background record services that put your best interests at the forefront. Let’s take a look at how Prudential Associates background checks do just that.

The Prudential Associates Background Check

A Prudential Associates background check differs from your standard issue record check in many ways. First, we make it a point not to offer high-volume, lost cost services. Instead, we focus on quality and accuracy.

After all, what value does an inaccurate background check bring? Not at all. In fact, it only puts you and your organization at risk as we mentioned earlier

You also won’t find any bold claims without facts to back them either. Prudential Associates zones in on the accuracy of each background check instead. To do so, we cast a wide net to find out as much information about an individual’s history as possible. After obtaining a complete address history, we check records in every relevant jurisdiction, taking in data from the respective courts. This means you’ll never find our background checks supported by out-of-date data

We prioritize the funding of in-person efforts to pull court records, which allows our investigators to carefully review the files. You’ll find that our investigators work with the utmost professionalism, implementing their technical expertise to uncover even the most sophisticated levels of criminal activity.

At Prudential Associates, we’ll work with you to ensure full compliance to pre-employment background checks. We also offer comprehensive investigative services. You’ll find drug and alcohol testing services, designed to protect your organization’s interests.

A globally operating consulting and solutions company, Prudential Associates provides high-quality subject matter expertise and investigative services to corporate clients, government agencies, and members of the legal community. We take pride in having served as the intelligence division for countless clients since 1972. To learn more about our pre-employment screenings and professional background checks, contact us today!