Stay Alert and Engaged in Real Time with Social Media Monitoring

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Stay Alert and Engaged in Real Time with Social Media Monitoring

Types of Social Media Monitoring

Just as there are many different types of social media platforms, there are different methods of social media monitoring as well. To be clear, each of these methods can be used by an organization to meet their specific operational goals.

Brand Management

Gone are the days when your only way to get in touch with an organization was to write a letter or make a phone call. Today, people are quick to tweet to the head of an organization or leave a public message on their Facebook business page. This often happens when an individual has a problem that he or she wants to have resolved as quickly as possible.

A missed message from a client or a series of negative status updates has the potential to harm any organization’s reputation. With social media monitoring, organizations can receive real-time alerts about client messages or comments and address them promptly. They can also keep track of what their target audience thinks about their organization, products, services, and other relevant topics.

Prudential Associates provides real-time social media monitoring of more than 500 social media platforms and blogs as well concentrated monitoring of targeted networks, forums, and other types of web content.

This information can also be used by marketing, PR, and sales teams to develop future campaigns and outreach.

Location-Based Monitoring

Social media users can check-in to nearby locations, tag their location in photos or statuses, and allow apps to monitor their location in the background. This information can be broken down into two categories: at-the-location and about-the-location. As the names suggest, at-the-location content is created at the target location while about-the-location content is related to the target location in nature but may be created elsewhere.

Such information is incredibly valuable for social media monitoring services such as event monitoring and security or executive protection. It also provides a deeper understanding of the context behind any location-based content in regards to the local culture and community sentiments.

Security Surveillance

While most of the content on social networks is relatively benign, the medium has opened up the capacity to make threats, plan attacks, and otherwise, infringe on someone’s safety all behind a computer or phone screen. Prudential Associates employs social media monitoring tools that offer a deep analysis of potential security threats. Identified threats are made known in real-time, allowing for efficient action and correction.

This monitoring may also include the tracking of external threats such as civil unrest and natural disasters. This tool is incredibly important for security and safety professionals as it allows them to become immediately aware of the following:

  • Threats or intent to harm the organization, its property, and/or assets
  • Threats or intent to harm employees and/or executives
  • Improper or unauthorized use of the organization’s social media profiles
  • Exposure of confidential information, facilities, or security measures
  • Potential data or confidentiality breaches
  • Internal threats or conflict amongst employees

Prudential Associates provides social media monitoring and digital surveillance services for brand protection, security surveillance, executive protection, and more. Our professionally trained investigators and analysts offer around-the-clock monitoring to ensure that your expectations are exceeded, and goals are met.

To learn more about social media monitoring and how it can benefit your organization, contact Prudential Associates today.