Study Shows Men Cheat More Often Than Women

Reasons Why People Cheat More Today Than Ever Before
December 26, 2012
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January 22, 2013
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Study Shows Men Cheat More Often Than Women

Any way that you read the latest research results and statistics regarding infidelity, the outcome is always bad news for marriage. The National Science Foundation, based at the University of Chicago, has been tracking social behaviors and opinions of Americans since 1972, and has provided some of the most reliable and consistent data regarding these issues. Their latest numbers show that while men continue to cheat than women, more people are cheating in general.

Survey Says…

The National Science Foundation found that 12% of men admitted to cheating on their spouses, as opposed to 7% of women.

However, when you look closer at the breakdown of the information, you can find some fairly surprising statistics:

  • The lifetime rate of infidelity for men over the age of 60 was 20% in 1991, but rose to 28% in 2006.
  • For women over 60, the lifetime infidelity rate was only 5% in 1991, and increased significantly to 15% in 2006.

No matter which study you follow, the evidence typically shows that men admit to cheating more frequently than women. This still remains true to this day, but recent studies have shown two more trends: women are gradually closing the gap and younger couples are having more instances of infidelity. While men may still be cheating more than women, infidelity is on the rise across the board.

What the Numbers Don’t Show

When considering the statistics on marriage and infidelity, you must remember that these are the numbers of people who have admitted to cheating. This could explain why the numbers for men are always higher.

Some scholars believe that more women will lie about their infidelity, especially when asked face to face, because they are worried about being viewed as promiscuous. This could explain why more women generally admit to infidelity when asked using an Internet survey than during a phone or in-person survey.

Regardless of the survey you trust as credible, all of the sources are showing the troubling trend that infidelity is on the rise, especially among younger newly married couples. Many people believe that this is due to the fact that it is easier to develop intimate relationships with people outside of the marriage using electronic correspondence: emails, text messages and social media. Unfortunately, more men and women are seizing the opportunity to be adulterous now that technology has made it so much easier.

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