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The Basics on Background Checks

People often fail to realize the value of a simple background check. Background checks are an excellent safety precaution for anyone considering getting married, starting a business with a partner, hiring new employees, or many other situations we encounter in our everyday lives. Some people see conducting background checks as a lack of trust, but in reality, this information can strengthen credibility and confidence within business and personal relationships, and often prevent problems before they occur.

Experienced and professional private investigation agencies have the software programs necessary to very quickly and easily perform a background check on an individual. During these checks, depending on the information needed, the investigator can access public records from the city, county, or state.

In general, there are three types of important information that can be collected from a background check: assets, financial history, and criminal activity.   Let’s take a closer look at each.

Collecting Information Regarding Hidden Assets

It is important when entering into a marriage or a business ventures to know that the other person is being forthright about his or her assets. A basic asset search can reveal if the person has hidden properties, or if they have been involved with other corporations or limited partnership affiliations. It is valuable to have an experienced investigator analyze the information, as they can assist by putting the information into context.

The character of the individual may be brought into question, for example, if the investigator finds that the background check reveals fraudulent business activities. People who are getting married may not want to be completely transparent about their assets because they do not want their future partners to have control over the assets during the marriage, and they especially do not want the assets to be affected in the event of a divorce. A private investigator can determine if this type of behavior is occurring.

Uncovering Troubling Financial Information

Background checks can be used not only to uncover the assets owned by an individual, but they can also reveal a person’s financial history. This process involves legally obtaining information from the Consumer Public Filing Index in order to identify issues such as tax liens, defaults on loans, tax problems, bankruptcies, and other financial red flags within a financial record.

These types of financial issues may signify that the individual in question is not responsible or honest, and they can also lead to other expensive costs in the future. If you enter into a partnership or marriage with someone, in some circumstances, their financial hardships and debts can become your burden as well. A private investigator helps people protect themselves by uncovering the truth surrounding past financial behaviors.

Determining Character by Exposing Civil and Criminal Behaviors

When most people think of background checks, they think of those, usually performed by employers, which pertain to arrest records and criminal behavior. It is possible to learn a lot about the morals and character of an individual by studying a criminal background check. Information such as previous theft or DUI charges, for example, can be invaluable to employers during the hiring process in order to maintain high company standards. These reports include information regarding all past arrests, including misdemeanor and felony charges. The civil records may also be made available, which describe instances in which the individual was the plaintiff or defendant in a case.

Having a PI analyze and prepare this information is essential, as they can apply their experience in the field when reviewing the information and preparing court-ready evidence if it is needed. Skilled and knowledgeable investigators know how to lawfully obtain and prepare information that is accurate, concise, and admissible in court. Conducting these checks are not just about finding dirt on other people; they are about maintaining trust and protecting innocent individuals and businesses.