The Importance of Bug Sweeps in Corporate America

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August 7, 2013
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The Importance of Bug Sweeps in Corporate America

Corporate America understands that information is the key to power. Individuals and companies without ethics will do almost anything to obtain it. As a result, many use inappropriate actions to monitor discussions in offices, boardrooms, and even bedrooms, using modern-day micro-technology. With this in mind, it has never been more important to sweep rooms in buildings to ensure that they are not being bugged.

Surveillance Basics

Wireless receivers and cameras, phone bugs, tape recorders, microphones, and hard-wired cameras are just some of the small monitoring devices available. Companies and unscrupulous individuals often use these common devices to compromise the security of businesses involved in the corporate world.

The only way to be assured that any boardroom, office or bedroom is free of newly advanced electronic intrusions is by taking a proactive approach. Sweeping a room is not cheap. Many attempt to sell bug sweeping technology in a single “miracle” device at an affordable price. However, these devices are truly not effective.

Sweeping a Room for Bugs

Success, when sweeping a room and locating bugs, is often the result of a skilled team of experts that are highly trained at using very expensive detection equipment specialized for sweeping. Generally, the efforts involved usually take days, where every inch of the interior of the room, or structure, is “swept”. Usually, the initial focus is along the electrical outlets and phone lines including the electronic communication network of the company.

However, locating eavesdropping bugs is only part of the solution. The company needs to initiate enhanced security measures to add an additional layer of protective privacy. This is the only way to be assured that there will be no eavesdropping in the future.

Should bugs be located in the room or structure, it is often very difficult for sweeping detectives to know exactly who planted them. Because of that, it is often highly recommended to leave the tiny devices in place and instead send misinformation in an effort to track down the company or individual that is listening in on the conversations from the other end.

Indicators of Eavesdropping

A common indicator that someone or some company is eavesdropping is when competition or others have information they should not have. If the company learns that confidential information is known by a competitor or adversary, they should ask themselves how the competitor might have obtained that information.

Usually, an eavesdropper is able to bug an office building or room by gaining either obvious or unobvious physical access to the structure. They may attempt to impersonate a technician checking the air-conditioning system, phone lines, or utilities. Anytime a technician arrives at the company’s building uninvited it is important to seek out who authorized their visit.

In addition to being bugged using a technician planting the eavesdropping technology somewhere in the room or structure, there are other options for bugging. A bug might arrive as a gift to the targeted office. It might be an electronic device, a framed picture, or some other item that would remain in the office. Anything that is large enough to contain a small microphone and transmitter could serve as the ideal vehicle for bugging an office.

Any type of unusual sound can tip the company off that something is not quite right. This might be volume changes or odd sounds when talking on the phone lines. In addition, a sound emanating from a telephone after a conversation is over, or the receiver is back on the hook, might be an indicator that someone is eavesdropping.

It is important to take necessary precautions to avoid eavesdropping that include alerting the employees, controlling physical access to the building and using the qualified technical skills of a professional sweeper looking for bugs.

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