Tips for Running an Investigation on a Tight Budget

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November 16, 2012
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November 30, 2012
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Tips for Running an Investigation on a Tight Budget

While your spouse’s infidelity is certainly not your fault, providing their adulterous acts can come at a great cost. Hiring a private investigator to scrutinize and follow your spouse generally costs approximately $3,000, but can easily climb to tens of thousands of dollars if the investigation is lengthy and requires significant personal surveillance.

In order to prove that your spouse has committed this wrong, you will need to pay not only for the expertise and skills of a professional investigator, but also a substantial amount of their valuable time. Fortunately, there are methods of getting the job done in a more cost effective manner.

Make smart use of technology

To prove to the court that your spouse is guilty of adultery, you typically need to prove that he or she had the inclination and the opportunity to cheat. The best way, of course, to get the evidence you need is to utilize personal surveillance, but as we’ve established, this can often lead to large costs. In order to get the information you need without breaking the bank, a private investigator can put technology to work to do the surveillance instead.

For example, our private investigation firm will sometimes implement motion detection cameras in order to capture when an individual enters or exits a residence or their car. These cameras can be disguised as a rock or a piece of shrubbery, undetectable by passersby. When someone opens a door, or walks past the area, the camera is activated and records every movement. A discretely placed shrub or stone camera can provide surveillance without an investigator present.

“People walk right into it,” private investigator Jared Stern says of a well crafted shrub camera he keeps in his car, “that has conquered many a case. That is a proven solider in the war against infidelity.”

Once the video footage is reviewed, and the investigator can prove that the spouse had clear intentions and opportunity to commit adultery, the case can be presented to an attorney. The investigators take the evidence directly to an attorney, and not to the client, so that personal feelings and actions do not interfere with the case.

Because surveillance is such a major factor in proving an adultery case, technology has made it much easier to conduct a low cost investigation. Of course, it is wise to employ the help of an experienced private investigator to ensure that your technological surveillance is conducted correctly and legally, but these innovative resources make investigations affordable and accessible to many more individuals.

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