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Digital Forensics for Litigators or similar

Prudential Associates’ team of in-house experts can provide litigators and others within the legal community with training on the latest topics and techniques related to digital forensics. Utilizing our state-of-the-art forensics lab along with advanced industry experience and certifications, Prudential Associates can prepare your team of litigators to competently discuss digital forensics matters with clients, along with positioning them to present digital-forensics evidence in court.

Prudential Associates Training

End-User Training

Prudential Associates can provide the following training for your associates by active law enforcement and medical professionals:


  • Active Shooter Response Training (can be conducted remotely, and we can certify individuals)
  • Practical First Aid & CPR
  • Firearms Safety Training (Maryland Handgun Qualification License)

Lunch & Learns

Prudential Associates able to provide lunch & learn training sessions to educate your associates on a broad array of topics applicable to the services we provide. Our staff of highly-specialized experts is prepared to present on everything from cybersecurity to digital forensics and investigative services to your teams.

Please contact us with questions regarding which topics we are qualified to present on and about rates of service. In light of Covid-19, we are also trained to present in a webinar-style format over various platforms.

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