Types of Evidence Used in Maryland Cheating Spouse Cases

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October 16, 2012
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October 24, 2012
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Types of Evidence Used in Maryland Cheating Spouse Cases

In the state of Maryland, many couples are required to go through a one year waiting period, or separation, before filing for a divorce. The state requires the spouses to live separately for a continuous 12-month period before a legal divorce will be granted.

One of the few ways that this waiting period can be eliminated, and to have the divorce granted immediately, is to prove that a spouse has cheated. In order to pursue this route, it is important to not only have evidence of infidelity, but to have the right evidence of adultery.

What Not to Do

Once you begin to expect your spouse of infidelity, it can be tempting to take the matters into your own hands. However, if you want to get the legal process over as quickly as possible, hire a professional. If you invade your spouse’s privacy, record phone calls, and monitor other forms of communication, you can do more harm than good to your case.

However, remember that it is illegal to record telephone conversations. If you attempt to use this evidence in court, you can be held in violation of the law, and you will show a very negative side of your character. In divorce proceedings, you do not want to act in a way that could affect your custody rights over your children or your right to alimony.

How an Investigator Can Help

A skilled private investigator such as the team at Prudential Associates can help you go about proving your spouse was cheating using methods that will keep you legally safeguarded. In the state of Maryland, you simply have to prove that the spouse showed the inclination to cheat, and had ample opportunity to do so. A hired third party is able to stay completely objective and professional while monitoring the whereabouts and behaviors of the spouse in question.

The private investigator can follow the spouse unnoticed while capturing video evidence that the spouse showed signs of affection to an individual outside of the marriage, and prove that the spouse had an opportunity to cheat. This evidence must prove that the spouse spent an extended period of time alone with the other person, either in a house or a hotel room for instance. A licensed investigator knows how to accurately document when the two individuals entered the room or home, when they exited, and that they were alone together.

A hired private investigator can provide a spouse with the evidence necessary to bring about a swift hassle-free divorce.