UFED Touch Mobile Forensics Device now at Prudential Associates

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August 29, 2013
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September 23, 2013
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UFED Touch Mobile Forensics Device now at Prudential Associates

At Prudential Associates, we feel as if we have added a new and incredible team member to our team of investigators, and that new addition is the UFED Touch Mobile Forensics Device.

Cellebrite, a global leader in the mobile security industry, known for consistently making technological breakthroughs, created the UFED Touch Ultimate, and they certainly hit the mark with this device.

What is the UFED Touch Ultimate?

This device is a highly sophisticated mobile forensics tool that enables our private investigators to quickly and easily extract data from thousands of different varieties of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, GPS equipment and many others.

SC Magazine recently gave this product a glowing review, with five stars across every rating category. The overall verdict given to the UFED Touch was that this device is “unsurpassed for use in the field”. One of the only weaknesses stated in the review is that the product may be too expensive for smaller organizations, but we see this forensic device as a worthwhile and incredible investment.

Features of Cellebrite’s UFED Touch Ultimate

This innovative piece of mobile security equipment has many different features and functions, but the three primary functions include:

  • UFED Physical Analyzer – The physical analyzer is one of the most impressive aspects of this state-of-the-art device. This application quickly extracts and decodes every single facet of a particular mobile device’s memory. According to Cellebrite, this single application encompasses many different features that include, but are not limited to:
  • Data Extraction – View call histories, contact, text messages, emails, calendar information and many other forms of data.
  • Image Carving – Even if image files have been deleted, the analyzer can recover and restore deleted images.
  • Conversation View – If it is necessary to show correspondence between two parties, this feature makes it possible to show communication between the sources in chronological order.
  • Advanced Search – Specific, targeted data can quickly be identified with the help of this feature, which allows for detailed search parameters to be established.
  • Analytics – By providing detailed statistics, this feature makes it possible to establish who was contacted most frequently from the device.
  • UFED Phone Detective – This reverse phone detective makes it possible to identify a particular phone without having to open the phone. Opening the device can be risky, as you run the risk of encountering phone lock, which can greatly deter the investigation.

The reverse phone detective feature searches from a database that includes thousands of phones. Using only a few short steps, inputting various mobile phone attributes, this feature allows our investigators to quickly identify the device.

  • UFED Reader – Especially if you are building a legal case against someone that has posed a threat to your mobile security, the UFED Reader will be of great use. This application makes it simple and easy to generate and share user-friendly analysis reports.

These reports can be generated in a wide variety of formats include PDF, Excel, and many others. Broad or specific content can be selected and shared with authorized members of your organization, your attorney, a judge or any other appropriate individuals. These reports could act as very valuable evidence for a mobile security issue.

Taking the Steps to Keep You and Your Business Safe

When dealing with serious mobile security threats, it is essential to have skilled and professional mobile forensics investigators on your side. Thanks to a combination of many years of experience and now the addition of the UFED Touch Ultimate from Cellebrite, Prudential Associates has all of the resources necessary to keep your mobile data protected.