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Used to improve the video or determine authenticity

Camera Separation

CCTV and other surveillance systems can combine multiple camera streams together to reduce file size. Often, it’s necessary to extract a single video stream for review and presentation. The process of separating out a video stream is referred to as demultiplexing or camera separation.

With multiple camera angles, we can put together or separate the timing of events in a scene while keeping the integrity of the event that unfolded.


A process of extracting the audio from the video recording and converting the speech content into written word for any investigation or courtroom proceedings.

The main goal of audio transcription service is to accurately provide the transcription of spoken word within the recording. Often times a combination of enhancement work is needed to ascertain what is being said. All speech is transferred into a report and can be used for clarification in court.

Video Stabilization and Enhancement

The goal of video enhancement is to help clarify any allegations within the video by providing new details that were previously unseen.

During video capture it’s possible unwanted motion blur or lighting conditions may prevent the viewer from extracting viable information from the recorded content. Our process is designed to keep the integrity of the video, while non-destructively adjusting elements, in an attempt to bring out missing or otherwise unnoticed information.

Authentication of Video Recordings

Authentication is the process of substantiating that the video information in question is a complete and accurate representation of what it purports to be. A variety of techniques are used in conjunction, according to best practices, that allow the examiner to draw a scientific conclusion.

Authenticity examinations are often based on allegations of alteration, equipment misuse, chain of custody deficiencies and illegal monitoring techniques. It is often necessary for the contributor to supply specific information, media, software and equipment to properly conduct the examination.

During authenticity examinations, detailed work notes are prepared and a formal laboratory report is provided to the client at the end of the exam.

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